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How can RDA help you

Provide a tailored design solution

  • Use your unique criteria; design aesthetic, technical requirements, budgetary restraint and time frame to establish an appropriate design solution and plan for moving forward.

Offer insight into the building process 

  • Outline the options available to make your project a reality by reviewing the steps required to go from initial design idea to construction completion. There isn’t one way to accomplish this, but there are milestones that can help your project be successful.

  • Prepare design drawings to clearly communicate your design to you, for feedback and refinement. 

  • Prepare construction drawings that clearly reflect the technical requirements of your design as well as required governing agency regulations such as the Ontario Building Code and municipal by-laws.

  • Coordinate with consultants if necessary. Depending on the complexity of your project, engaging with Engineers, surveyors or other specialized service providers will enable a well defined scope of work, estimated construction cost and construction timeline.


Add value

  • By considering the long term ownership of a project as well as the upfront costs, we can increase your value for money by ensuring a holistic approach is taken.

  • Utilize passive and active sustainable strategies to save you money down the road. 

  • Lead you through the permitting process with your municipality, making sure that when your construction starts there aren’t any negative surprises.

  • Represent your interests during construction to make sure what is built reflects the design 


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